• The Lönarz Lab will move to the University of Freiburg in Germany from October!
  • CL has accepted the offer of a full professorship at the University of Freiburg.
  • CL has been awarded a grant by the GSO/Carl-Zeiss-Foundation.
  • Congratulations to Zoe & Briony for receiving the BP prize and the John Topliss award (July 2017).
  • CL was appointed a full Faculty Member at F1000 (June 2017).
  • Congratulations to Alen, Briony and Zoe on their 1st class projects and degrees (June 2017).
  • Agata and CL attended the excellent Frontiers in epigenetic chemical biology meeting at the Royal Society (May 2017).
  • Agata and Teresa presented posters and CL gave an invited talk at the RSC Organic Division Meeting in Leicester (April 2017).
  • We welcome Simon to the lab for his BBSRC PhD rotation project (November 2016).
  • We welcome Alen, Briony and Zoe to the lab (October 2016).
  • Alex joined the lab as a PhD student (September 2016).
  • CL is now an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (August 2016).
  • We welcome Johanna to the lab; her scientific visit from the University of Freiburg is supported by an RSC Researcher Mobility Grant (July 2016).
  • We welcome David to the lab for his BP-sponsored summer project (July 2016).
  • CL gave a seminar at Imperial College London (June 2016).
  • Catherine got selected for the Roche Continents programme in Austria, well done (June 2016)!
  • We welcome Jack to the lab for his BBSRC-funded summer project (June 2016).
  • The Lönarz Lab celebrated Catherine's viva in the Johnson Arms, and wish her all the best for her move to Cambridge (May 2016).
  • We welcome Teresa to the lab as an EPSRC CDT funded PhD student (April 2016).
  • The Lönarz Lab had its first Nottingham-based Christmas dinner (December 2015). 
  • We welcome Peter to the lab for his BBSRC PhD rotation project (October 2015). 
  • We welcome this year's master project students, Catherine and James (October 2015).
  • Publication: Crystal structure of a viral collagen prolyl hydroxylase, in collaboration with Prof Nigel Scrutton (September 2015).
  • Agata joined the lab as a PhD student (September 2015).
  • Publication: Crystal structures of ribosome hydroxylases from humans and yeast in complex with inhibitors (April 2015).
  • CL was appointed Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Nottingham (April 2015).
  • Publication: JBC paper identifying lysine methylation of a ribosome-associated protein and its effect on translation, in collaboration with Prof Pal Falnes (October 2014). 
  • Conference: CL gave an invited talk at the 5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Istanbul, Turkey (September 2014). 
  • Publications: Three back-to-back PNAS papers on our discovery of ribosome hydroxylation in eukaryotes and its effects on the accuracy of protein synthesis, in collaboration with Profs Chris Schofield FRS and Sir Peter Ratcliffe FRS (March 2014).
  • CL became a 'Fellow by Special Election' of St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford (September 2013). 
  • Publication: PNAS paper identifying the molecular mechanism of how vaccinia virus induces the hypoxic response, in collaboration with Prof Geoff Smith FRS (July 2013). 
  • Conference: CL presented at the Hypoxybridge Meeting in Cambridge, UK (June 2013). 
  • Conference: CL gave an invited talk at the HypoxiaNET Oxygen 2013 Conference in Oulu, Finland (June 2013).